Chorley Town Centre, Lancashire

Winning the Chorley Triangle Town Centre Development competition was a landmark success for us.

Our proposals formed the basis of the development submission by our Developer client, North of England Development Associates (NEDA) and comprised of a 25,000 sq ft supermarket and an avenue of retail units forming a processional way leading to the re-instated Big Clock (a previous historic Chorley landmark) that we planned to re-introduce to establish distinctiveness and civic pride.

This would become the focal point of the public area, in which it was anticipated that restaurants and cafes would form the backdrop for street theatre and artists, enhancing the experience and success of the space, thus consolidating the development as a destination.

This was warmly and nostalgically received by senior members of the Council who were receptive to our initiative for a distinct architectural solution contributing to the fabric of the Town Centre by focusing on indigenous scale, townscape and an innovative and practical solution to the social and economic problems that were prevalent in the town at the time.